Join Our Competitive Team

Competitions are a fantastic way to grow as a dancer and performer. We provide a positive and encouraging approach to competitions and as a team we will celebrate everyone's success and accomplishments. We believe that all dancers should have the chance to compete and never hold auditions for the team. 

Jazz       Tap       Ballet     Musical Theatre     Acro      

Hip Hop      Lyrical    Contemporary

Important Information

  • Registration for our 2019-2020 season opens April 1st 2019. Early Bird Discounts Available
  • Tickets for our Year End Recital goes on sale April 1st 2019.
  • No Classes April 19th, April 20th

About Us

Turner Danceworks is a studio that offers a wide variety of recreational and competitive dance classes. We train our dancers to have a good solid foundation, while encouraging them to explore the boundaries of movement and their own passion for dance. Based on commitment and knowledge, our qualified staff inspires dancers to be themselves. We have created a positive, encouraging and  non-threatening atmosphere where all of our dancers have a chance to grow and explore.

Register today for our 2019-2020 and take advantage of our Early Bird Discount


Coming Soon​​

  • Year End Dress Rehearsal at Rockpointe Church on Tuesday May 28th
  • Year End Tech Rehearsal at the Studio on June 5th from 5pm-8pm
  • Year End Recital at Rockpointe Church on June 7th.