Discount for classes

Multiple Class Discount: Dancers will receive a 50% discount on  their 4th, 5th and 6th annual registered class. Discounts will be given on the shortest registered classe. For more information please contact 

Payment Method

Classes can be payed for in a one lump sum or monthly payments. If you choose to pay monthly payments, the first and last month is required at time of registration; we accept post dated cheques, cash and etransfers sent to . If you have any questions about payment Method please contact

Refund Policy

  • Annual classes:   If you are unable to continue with your classes written notice is required one month in advance. A refund will then be provided for the remaining months less the last month's registration fees.
  • Class cancellation: If a class is cancelled by Turner Danceworks a full refund will be given if no other class is available.
  • Competition refund: There will be no refunds for competition fees. 
  • Costume refund: There will be no refunds on costumes. 
  • Photos, year end tickets and DVD's: There will be no refunds on pictures, year end tickets and DVD's
  • NSF Fees: a $25 Fee will be charged for any NSF cheques

*Turner Danceworks reserves the right to cancel any classes that do not meet our minimum number of students. 

2018-2019 Rates

Additional Costs throughout the Year

  • Costumes for year end recital and competition: TBA
  • Tickets to year end recital:TBA
  • Class pictures: TBA, Optional

Competition Rates 2018-2019

Fees for choreography and studio space

Solo (5 hrs): $200

​Duet (5 hrs): $100 each

Trio/Group (10 hrs): $75 each

​X-Large Groups (10 hrs): $40 each

​Costume Fees: $65/number

Competition Entry Fees

Solo: TBA 

Duet: TBA

Group: TBA

Annual Dance Class Rates 2018-2019

September 2018- June 2019

90 minute class: $60/month

​75 minute class: $55/month

60 minute class: $50/month

45 minute class: $45/month

30 minute class: $40/month

Fees can be paid monthly or in one lump sum