Payment Method

Classes can be payed for in a one lump sum or monthly payments. If you choose to pay monthly payments, the first and last month is required at time of registration; post dated cheques are required at time of registration for the remaining months. If you have any questions about payment Method please contact

Refund Policy

  • Annual classes:   If you are unable to continue with your classes written notice is required one month in advance. A refund will then be provided for the remaining months less the last month's registration fees.
  • Class cancellation: If a class is cancelled by Turner Danceworks a full refund will be given if no other class is available.
  • Competition refund: There will be no refunds for competition fees. 
  • Costume refund: There will be no refunds on costumes. 
  • Photos, year end tickets and DVD's: There will be no refunds on pictures, year end tickets and DVD's
  • NSF Fees: a $25 Fee will be charged for any NSF cheques

*Turner Danceworks reserves the right to cancel any classes that do not meet our minimum number of students. 

2016-2017 Rates

Additional Costs throughout the Year

  • Costumes for year end recital and competition: TBA
  • Tickets to year end recital:TBA
  • Class pictures: TBA, Optional

Competition Rates 2017-2018

Fees for choreography and studio space

Solo (5 hrs): $200

​Duet (5 hrs): $100 each

Group (10 hrs): $75 each

Competition Entry Fees

Solo: TBA 

Duet: TBA

Group: TBA

Annual Dance Class Rates 2017-2018

September 2017- June 2018

90 minute class: $480/annually or $57/month

​75 minute class: $420/annually or $52/month

60 minute class: $405/annually or $47/month

45 minute class: $370/annually or $42/month

30 minute class: $300/annually or $37/month

Discount for classes

Dancers will receive a 50% discount on  their 4th, 5th and 6th annual registered class. Discounts will be given on the shortest registered classe. For more information please contact